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Youth Grant Applicant Information

  • The maximum grant award is $350 for the Youth Grant Program. 
  • All public and private schools and youth programs (Physical Education, intramural programs, and student clubs) are eligible to become a Youth Program Provider member. 
  • Only Youth Program Provider members are eligible for the grant. 
  • You will be asked to provide your valid USA Pickleball YPP member number. For assistance with your member account, contact Member Services at
  • Also, please know that all questions marked with an (*) are required and will not allow you to submit the application until the question is answered. 

Thank you!

Applicant's Home Address*
Home or Cell*
Are you an official USA Pickleball Ambassador?*

School Information

Address of location where the pickleball equipment will be used*
First and Last Name of participating PE Teacher, club leader, or USA Pickleball Ambassador*

We cannot issue an award for any location not listed on Places 2 Play. (If your new program is dependent on grant approval, please include in your P2P listing's Comment section: "USA Pickleball Grant applied for---we hope to start offering pickleball at this location soon.")  

If the new location is NOT on Places 2 Play, please go to and enter the location before completing your application.

Is this location listed on Places 2 Play?*

Ambassador Endorsement

*We will be verifying ambassador endorsement*

You can find an ambassador at the following link: Ambassador Search.

If you need help to find an official USAP Ambassador to endorse your program, please click here to send an email to request assistance.

Purpose and Justification

Please list your proposed equipment expenses below and provide dollar amounts for each item. Items listed on the USA Pickleball YPP Equipment Discount Sheet, any net(s) purchased from the USA Pickleball store (except for Douglas products), and a limit of one USA Pickleball rulebook are eligible for reimbursement. The equipment must be purchased within 90 days before the award date or up until 90 days after the award date.

Equipment Request

Thanks to the generosity of Selkirk and other paddle manufacturers, we can offer a limited supply of donated pickleball paddles to awardees. These paddles are excellent for beginner pickleball instruction and play. The items will be shipped to the applicant’s stated home address.

Approved grant applicants may choose to participate in the paddle donation program. Youth Grant Awardees may request 8, 16 or 24 paddles, but must cover the cost of shipping: $25.00 per 8 paddles.*

Before you hit the Submit button, please review your form and make sure you have completed all the required questions. If all have been answered, hit the Submit button below. You should immediately see a 'Thank You' message saying your application was sent. If you do not see this message, please review your application and look for questions you may have missed. Provide answers to all required questions (even if "NA") and then hit Submit. Make sure that you see the 'Thank You' message at the end of the process. Otherwise, it is likely that USA Pickleball will not receive your application.

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